23rd of November - Rock´n´Roll is back



Lets introduce:

23rd of November


On 23rd November 2014 - the brothers Denijel (Vocal) and Iven Hiesdorf (Drums)  visited a Slash concert in cologne. At the concert  - they met Nils Ecker (Guitar) and Robin Jeske (Bass). The interest in Slash and other simularitys let continued the contact and they decided to started a band. 23rd of November was the day, when everything began and the first and best idea for the group name. The band itself describes there music influences as

Funk-Rock, Hardrock, Metal, Alternativ from artists like

Slash, AC/DC, Dire Straits, Elvis Presley and Status Quo.


The group was founded and the first cover concerts were played. Soon the first own song "Always drunk on the weekends"  was written as test of song creation.

After tribute and cover concerts - the band now has written own songs. And in only 5 days - they recorded all songs for the first and selftitled album.


Release: 29.02.2020


Lets discover

23rd of November !

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