ABOUT - Discomfort Wings

Connecting Genres and cultures, based near cologne, Germany - that's since August 2019 the idea behind Discomfort Wings, an support blog for different communities of Rock, Pop & Metal around the world. This platform shares an mix of Asian and Western Music and is to be seen as culture exchange through music by working together with culture associations, artists and companies.


Founded by the vision of creating all these interests and point of views, theire was never a place before, that connects music, culture and local convention events that way.



ABOUT - Janine

No team, just me! Growing up with Anime and Japanese Soundtracks in childhood - the music taste expanded over the years with different Far East Records, as well as different Genres in Rock, Pop, Metal, etc. This platform introduces a part of these interests through different features and projects.





After visiting Tokyo/ Japan in 2014, I booked a flight for April 2019 to Seoul/ South Korea ... Read more...




Since 04/2021, the blog is part of 674.FM, an non-profit online radio station since 2012 - based in cologne, Germany. Once in a month, you hear Discomfort Wings live from the studio! After every show, you can discover an blog post, including Playlist and Audio record. The language depends on topic! Read more...