WELCOME from Germany :)

Connecting different Genres and cultures - that's since 2019 the idea behind Discomfort Wings, a free support blog for different communities of Rock & Metal. This platform shares the DW band network, a mix of asian and western music.

Discomfort Wings express the feeling, that 'music can heal wounds'. In every dark hour, tunes and texts have the energy to complete change a human's thinking. Also, it transports the symbolic lines of connection. Language is not a bound and concerts have the magic to link unknown people into friends. :) Always good vibes ✨

ABOUT ME - Janine 🌸 Ayu 

Hey! :) Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting this site! Let me introduce a bit. :) Growing up with Anime and Japanese Soundtracks in childhood the music taste expanded over the years with different fareast countrys and Genres. This space here shows a part of asian cultures and heavy sounds around the world :)   


💬 - All media and texts etc are in consultation with artists/ introduced companys and unpaid - Just for fun, for the interest in music! :)