Connecting Genres and cultures - that's since August 2019 the idea behind Discomfort Wings, an support blog for different communities of Rock, Pop & Metal around the world. This platform shares an mix of Asian and Western Music. It´s to be seen as exchange of cultures in our worldwide connected society through different culture associations, artists and companies.


Discomfort Wings means, that music can heal wounds. Good vibes!


ABOUT - Janine I Ayu

Growing up with Anime and Japanese Soundtracks in childhood - the music taste expanded over the years with different Far East Records, as well as different Genres in Rock, Pop, Metal, etc . This platform introduces a part of these interests through different features and projects. Also it creates a bridge for continents.




Since 04/2021, the blog is part of 674.FM, an non-profit online radio station since 2012 - based in cologne, Germany. Once in a month, you will hear Discomfort Wings live from the studio! After every show, you can discover an blog post, including Playlist and Audio record. The language depends on topic!