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Jeremiah Kane - live in Germany!
LIVE · 07. March 2023
GERMANY/ POLAND+++ Neon Paradise Party, Synthwave - Darkwave - Cyberpunk & Metal! BlueShell, cologne 04/03/2023
Heruin - BAD (Single)
FEAT. · 06. February 2023
GERMANY+++ Heruin - Bad (Single Release) 27/01/2023. HERUIN plays heavy music with influences from emo-rap and hip-hop, which would be best described as Nu-Metalcore.

Cera Maven - Skeleton (Single)
FEAT. · 30. January 2023
GERMANY+++ Skeleton (Single Release) 27/01/2023, Let's introduce Cera Maven from Hagen, Germany! Founded in 2019, the five-piece Progressive Metalcore band from North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg presents their newest record!
#21 Discomfort Wings Radio - Wishlist playlist
RADIO · 14. January 2023
AFTER POST +++ Discomfort Wings Radio I Wishlist playlist @ Radio 674.FM. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

The Edge of Reason - Post-Hardcore sounds from Germany!
1 DAY 1BAND  · 03. November 2022
GERMANY+++ Hey! :) Let´s continue 1DAY1BAND in 2022! With the Germany based band The Edge of Reason!
Euroblast Preview Special
RADIO · 28. September 2022
AFTER POST +++ Discomfort Wings Radio I Euroblast Preview Special @ Radio 674.FM. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

LIVE · 07. September 2022
LOCAL EVENT I GERMANY+++ Not a band - this time, let's take focus to a local German event in Essen, North Rhine Westphalia district!
Bloody Tyrant - Interview
LIVE · 12. August 2022
GERMANY/ TAIWAN+++ During the current tour of Taiwanese band Bloody Tyrant, it was possible to connect the group with the German-Taiwanese Association.

#16 Discomfort Wings Radio - Wishlist by you
RADIO · 24. July 2022
AFTER POST +++ Discomfort Wings Radio I Wishlist by you @ Radio 674.FM. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Read more...
Bloody Tyrant 暴君 - Europe Tour 2022
LIVE · 17. June 2022
GERMANY/ TAIWAN +++ It's finally festival season, giving us a bit of normality in our otherwise loud everyday life. What would be better suited here than to revisit concerts and events? That's what the Taiwanese folk/ black metal band Bloody Tyrant thought too, who will start their almost one-month EU tour next week!

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