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Japanese Metal Visual Kei band Zeke Deux to perform in Germany
LIVE · 12. February 2024
JAPAN/ GERMANY+++ Zeke Deux comes for one exclusive concert to germany
Esprit D'Air - Glaciers (Single Release)
FEAT. · 30. January 2024
ENGLAND/ JAPAN+++ Japanese metal project Esprit D'Air released their new single "Glaciers"

Kitsune Metaru - Heavy sounds from Santiago de Chile!
FEAT. · 14. December 2023
CHILE+++ Let's introduce Kitsune Metaru, an J-Rock band from Chile!
Undesire - Visual Kei from Chile!
FEAT. · 22. November 2023
CHILE+++ Let's introduce Undesire, an J-Rock band from Chile!

Playlist Update
27. October 2023
Fälkor - Visual Kei from Mexico! [Interview]
FEAT. · 11. October 2023
MEXICO+++ Let's introduce Fälkor, an J-Rock/-Metal band from Mexico!

XANVALA unleashes new single “Ashita, mushi ni natte mo”
FEAT. · 15. August 2023
JAPAN+++ Japanese Alt-Rock / Visual Kei band XANVALA's newest record.
Zeke Deux - Lux en Athena [Album release]
FEAT. · 06. March 2023
JAPAN+++ Tokyo based Visual Kei band Zeke Deux released their newest mini-album “Lux en Athena”!

XANVALA - Joke [Single Release]
FEAT. · 21. September 2022
JAPAN+++ XANVALA - Joke [Single Release]
Esprit D'Air - Oceans [Unboxing]
UNBOXING · 19. May 2022
ENGLAND/ JAPAN +++ It´s been a while, since the last unboxing blog post! Let´s check out Esprit D'Air´s newest record Oceans, released on February 18th, 2022 via Starstorm Records! Esprit D'Air´ ("Spirit of Air" in French) is an Award-winning Japanese Rock/ Metal band based in London.

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