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Nuclear Idiots - Cult (Video Release)
FEAT. · 31. January 2023
SOUTH KOREA+++ Video Release 27/01/2023, Nuclear Idiots are back! The South Korean mixture band released last week their 2nd video release from the latest album "NCLRIDTS". Based in Seoul since 2016 they brings us back to the roots of Nu Metal and Synth sound.
#20 Discomfort Wings Radio - American bands
RADIO · 16. November 2022
AFTER POST +++ Discomfort Wings Radio I American bands @ Radio 674.FM. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!

The Edge of Reason - Post-Hardcore sounds from Germany!
1 DAY 1BAND  · 03. November 2022
GERMANY+++ Hey! :) Let´s continue 1DAY1BAND in 2022! With the Germany based band The Edge of Reason!
Lost Zone -Alternative Rock sounds from Italy!
1 DAY 1BAND  · 02. November 2022
ITALY +++ Hey! :) Let´s start 1DAY1BAND in 2022! With the Italy based band Lost Zone!

XANVALA - Joke [Single Release]
FEAT. · 21. September 2022
JAPAN+++ XANVALA - Joke [Single Release]
Heroes Fall Last - Black Clouds
FEAT. · 08. September 2022
MAURITIUS+++ Welcome to a new african country featured on this blog!

LIVE · 07. September 2022
LOCAL EVENT I GERMANY+++ Not a band - this time, let's take focus to a local German event in Essen, North Rhine Westphalia district!
Disconnected - live in Germany!
CULTURE · 02. September 2022
GERMANY/ FRANCE+++ About last weekend in cologne. Gaming meets music! Our biggest convention is finally back!

3 years of Discomfort Wings - Thank you!
FEAT. · 14. August 2022
SOUTH KOREA / LUSTROUBLE+++ 3 years of Discomfort Wings - Thank you! Let's start from the beginning...
Bloody Tyrant - Interview
LIVE · 12. August 2022
GERMANY/ TAIWAN+++ During the current tour of Taiwanese band Bloody Tyrant, it was possible to connect the group with the German-Taiwanese Association.

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