Esprit D'Air - Oceans [Unboxing]
UNBOXING · 19. May 2022
ENGLAND/ JAPAN +++ It´s been a while, since the last unboxing blog post! Let´s check out Esprit D'Air´s newest record Oceans, released on February 18th, 2022 via Starstorm Records! Esprit D'Air´ ("Spirit of Air" in French) is an Award-winning Japanese Rock/ Metal band based in London.
Goofys´s Holiday - 『...Still Riot Goin' On 』UNBOXING VIDEO
UNBOXING · 19. November 2021
JAPAN +++ Hey! :) Let´s check out the Numazu, Japan based band Goofy´s Holiday!

HAMMERING - Libera Me [Unboxing]
UNBOXING · 19. August 2021
SOUTH KOREA +++ Hey! :) Let´s check out the Seoul-based Groove Metal band HAMMERING!
ANNALYNN - A Conversation with Evil [Unboxing Vinyl]
UNBOXING · 07. July 2021
THAILAND +++ Hey! :) Let´s check out the Bangkok-based Metalcore band ANNALYNN!