Nuclear Idiots - Cult (Video Release)
FEAT. · 31. January 2023
SOUTH KOREA+++ Video Release 27/01/2023, Nuclear Idiots are back! The South Korean mixture band released last week their 2nd video release from the latest album "NCLRIDTS". Based in Seoul since 2016 they brings us back to the roots of Nu Metal and Synth sound.
Cera Maven - Skeleton (Single)
FEAT. · 30. January 2023
GERMANY+++ Skeleton (Single Release) 27/01/2023, Let's introduce Cera Maven from Hagen, Germany! Founded in 2019, the five-piece Progressive Metalcore band from North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg presents their newest record!

ANIIMALIA - Alternative Rock sounds from the UK
FEAT. · 18. January 2023
ENGLAND+++ Lets take a focus to new Alternative sounds with ANIIMALIA, an heavy rock band. The south-west England based quartet formed in 2020 during the global pandemic.
GOOD BYE, 2022!
FEAT. · 31. December 2022

XANVALA - Joke [Single Release]
FEAT. · 21. September 2022
JAPAN+++ XANVALA - Joke [Single Release]
Hard Rock from the US - Seventh Day Slumber
FEAT. · 15. September 2022
USA+++ Let's introduce Seventh Day Slumber - an Dallas-based Hard Rock band, active since the 90s!

New sounds from the UK - Gathering of Strangers
FEAT. · 12. September 2022
ENGLAND+++ Let's introduce Gathering of Strangers - an five-piece rock formation from Manchester!
Heroes Fall Last - Black Clouds
FEAT. · 08. September 2022
MAURITIUS+++ Welcome to a new african country featured on this blog!

The Mint Freaks - Tunes from Finland
FEAT. · 07. September 2022
FINLAND+++ For the first time ever, let's introduce some tunes from Finland with The Mint Freaks!
Earthquake Lights
FEAT. · 05. September 2022
USA+++ Let's introduce Earthquake Lights - an five-piece rock formation from New York City!

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