Undesire - Visual Kei from Chile!
FEAT. · 22. November 2023
CHILE+++ Let's introduce Undesire, an J-Rock band from Chile!
Squidge - Sad Sack [Single]
FEAT. · 18. November 2023
ENGLAND+++ SQUIDGE are back with their brand new single SAD SACK ahead of forthcoming EP TOUGH LUCK.

Waves in Autumn - Wildheart [Single Release]
FEAT. · 11. November 2023
ITALY+++ Metalcore band Waves in Autumn released their newest record Wildheart!
Reign Maker - Sirens [Single Release]
FEAT. · 09. November 2023
AUSTRALIA+++ Australian Progressive Hard Rock band Reign Maker from Australia launched their 4th Single Sirens!

Building Prisions - Cantaor [Single Release]
FEAT. · 08. November 2023
IRELAND+++ Instrumental Metal band Building Prisions released the newest record "Cantaor."
Seven Spies - Lie [Single Release]
FEAT. · 08. November 2023
ENGLAND+++ Indie Rock duo Seven Spies released the newest record "Lie."

Euan Lin - Feelings [Single Release]
FEAT. · 07. November 2023
TAIWAN+++ Trash guitarist Euan Lin surprises with his first EP!
Fälkor - Visual Kei from Mexico! [Interview]
FEAT. · 11. October 2023
MEXICO+++ Let's introduce Fälkor, an J-Rock/-Metal band from Mexico!

REDDSTAR - Alternative sounds from USA
FEAT. · 22. August 2023
USA+++ Let's introduce REDDSTAR, an Alt-Rock/ Rap band from Los Angeles!
Future Radio - Rise [Single Release]
FEAT. · 18. August 2023
SOUTH AFRICA+++ Future Radio's released this friday their latest single, which is their third release of 2023

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