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Nuclear Idiots - Cult (Video Release)
FEAT. · 31. January 2023
SOUTH KOREA+++ Video Release 27/01/2023, Nuclear Idiots are back! The South Korean mixture band released last week their 2nd video release from the latest album "NCLRIDTS". Based in Seoul since 2016 they brings us back to the roots of Nu Metal and Synth sound.
Sekro#8- let's welcome HipHop & Nu Metal from Spain!
1 DAY 1BAND  · 05. November 2022
SPAIN+++ Hey! :) Let´s continue 1DAY1BAND in 2022! With the Spain based artist Sekro#8!

Nuclear Idiots - No System [Review]
1 DAY 1BAND  · 08. March 2021
SOUTH KOREA +++ Hey! :) Let´s continue and introduce the Seoul-based Korean Mixture Rock band Nuclear Idiots!
Welcome to ANTI:SOCIETY - 뉴클리어 이디엇츠
FEAT. · 03. February 2020
Nuclear Idiots / 뉴클리어 이디엇츠 are an korean Mixture Rock/Metal band from Seoul, South Korea.