Sekro#8 released his first record in 2023

For those of you who read Discomfort Wings's 1DAY-1BAND series months ago, you regnorized Sekro#8 here, an Mallorca, Spain based conscious emcee, Nu-Metal singer and songwriter. Because of his Hip Hop and Metal mix in his songs, I will continue to introduce about the new records as well!


Back story

Since 2019, Sekro#8 started his hip hop career with his first LP 'Pandora's Box'. He mixed a lot of influences on this first album. It's like a mixtape with a story. Classic influences like Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Moob Deep, Big L, Delton 3000, Pete Philly, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Chevelle, Bury Tomorrow, Korn and Slipknot. The artist name Sekro#8 comes from the graffiti culture, where Sekro used it always as nickname. The number 8 stands for the infinity symbol of flow and energy. As well, it's his date of birth. He had two Nu-Metal bangers with Bnji, an independent musician from Switzerland. 'Between Snow and Sun', 'Voice Of The Voiceless', and P.O.V. had the perfect 2000s vibes combination of energy, powerful lyrics.


Please check out the newest record AR-T!

Hip Hop Roots Festival Mallorca

Sekro#8 has two underground festivals with his girlfriend and manager Tara Pink: Hip Hop Roots and Hip Hop Skills. They help other artists to have the chance to sing for the first time and accomplished goals, that's the vision of the true hip hop culture. In 2020, the emcee composed his second album 'More Than Humans', the most conscious project at the moment. Now he started his first collective album with three great emcees from Mallorca: Musgo One, Adr Ramos and Dyhend. An ambitious independent artist, don't forget the name: Sekro#8.