Greetings from Seoul @ CLUB FF - After Post [21/04/2024]

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Home is, where the heart is


Excatly 5 years ago, in 2019, I discovered this place with your guys help. During that time, with almost 15 years interest into Japanese Rock Music, where the scene was almost gone in europe, thankfully discovered the Korean Indie Music Scene. It was the reborn of Discomfort Wings blog - the idea, to bring your music outside from Seoul to Western countries. To be again at Club FF was a very emotional day, and to see some of you over years again, made it even not easier... Well, with this back story, let´s have a throw back to last week ends evening!

After post - 21/04/2024

Since 2004, Club FF is the main stage for the Seoul-based music scene in South Korea. In 20 years of club history, many known bands had entered the halls of this place. For today's lineup, I was glad to meet band Teardrop again as well at one featured song band Honey Pepper/ Broken Valentine vocalist Kyung Joon Kim.



Time table

17:00~17:30 칠보장
17:40~18:10 국빈관진상들
18:20~18:50 와비킹
19:00~19:30 모노폴리
19:40~20:10 티어드랍
20:20~20:50 도그라스트페이

On this day, six bands were scheduled this evening. At 5 p.m, the first band Chill Bojang entered the stage. The three members were supported by Ji Hwan Byun, known as one of the local scene founders and since 2002 guitarist of Korean Alternative Rock band Broken Valentine. They heated the atmosphere for the following band, KBK Uglys. Grooving rock vibes made the band an outstanding performance with Rock and Blues elements. Combined with Jihyos harmonica, guitarist of band Mono4oly, it was a perfect old school sound vibe. Followed by Hard Rock band Wabiking, who came all the way from Jeju Island for this evenings´ performance. The members took you back to the 80s Hard Rock Motörhead energy. As 4th band of the evening, 2023 founded rock band Mono4oly brought an awesome atmosphere to the halls of the club. What an outstanding permormance with outstanding guitar elements!

Even it was far away from reality, there was no moment, I felt to be alone. This place is like a home in heart. Language was never a border of connection, when energy flows.


Teardrop (티어드랍)

And then - it was Teardrops turn! After 2019, it was possible to see NuMetal band Teardrop again! Formed in 2004 under Hyuk Joo Ko (Vo), Jose Kim (Gt), Kyeong Hun Jeong (Gt), Sang Young Kim (B) and Hyoil Kim (Dr), the band is one of the local scene founders. „Run Boy Run“ was a great start to get into the heavy mood. The atmosphere felt incredible by the audience. Perfect vocals and familiar guitar sounds let me get back into my memory 5 years ago. The group presented an mixed set list of new records and old classics like „Broken dream“ from there 2016 released album "Plan Z". There was even a mosh pit!

The last band of this evening was Dog Last Page. Active since over 10 years in the scene with Hardcore, Metal and Punk influences. The two vocals brought the audience perfectly into heavy sounds and matched each other in voice. 

Blues and Metal? Yep, it's possible! During this video at 24:40, you can see the great final with band members Mono4oly who played the harmonics again here as well Broken Valentine guitarist as support. The fans enjoyed the final as its fullest with the heavy heated air. Each band played an 30 minutes set list on this evening. When the last tune was gone, this outstanding evening ended.


Wow, what a day! It was possible to discover again so many new sounds, as well see familiar friends here. But this day felt different. It really felt like being part of everything. This day will be a timeless memory. Home in heart. We will meet again! See you! :) 

감사합니다 !!!


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Club FF,

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