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INFO In the end of the 70s, when worldwide governments and politic systems pretend the opinion of people and freedom of speech was still on the beginning, the desire to shout out the discontent became louder and louder. That was the beginning of Industrial music. These new Genre gave musicans the possibilty to create a new heavy Synthie Sound that includes also guitar riffs, Keyboard and Turntable tunes. Industrial deal with uncomfortable topics, underlined with strong visual messages.

VERSUS GOLIATH. The trio from Munich, under Florian (Vocal), Andreas (Guitar) and Jonas (Drums), unites german Industrial sound with Nu Metal and Rap. Thematically, VERSUS GOLIATH creating end-time scenarios, a claustrophobic world of decadence, cement and steel. Witin 2 years, the concept of sound and songwriting was build up by singer Florian. Every song deal and symbolize society and social critical topics. Witin 2 years, the concept of sound and songwriting was build up by singer Florian. Every song deal and symbolize society and social critical topics like the newest record "Lüg mich an" (Lie to me):

In the latest work, VERSUS GOLIATH takes on the theme of self-lying and the collective. Looking away from a hypocritical society. Thus, the song can be directly related to the Years of refugee crisis and other deep-rooted social grievances in the age of Black Lives Matter, now visible to all, on the surface of an otherwise rather ignorant society. The theme is timeless and zeitgeist at the same time – just like the question why,

in the face of suffering and cruelty, we tend to turn our gaze away from us, the world and lie to ourselves,

rather than face us to reality.

Another important message of the band is always -  du bist nicht allein #dubistnichtallein (you are not alone). Looking into our society, some parts are still not allowed to speak out."Der Sechste Tag" (10/04/2020, Album) reflects some of these issues! Please stay tuned for new Single Release "Verloren Kaputt", 16 October 2020!



Friss oder stirb (15/11/2019) SINGLE

Zehn (13/03/2020) SINGLE

Der Sechste Tag (10/04/2020) ALBUM

Friss oder Stirb [REMIX] (22/05/2020) SINGLE

Lüg mich an (10/07/2020)

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DISCLAIMER: Discomfort Wings I Hey readers! :) If you check out this post, some of you will think about why these "hard words" are here released. Well, in the beginning of Discomfort Wings, the idea was to create a place, to connect different Genres and cultures. This includes also  "different opinions". Even the main interest is asian culture, this includes as well other parts of the world. Also in our open minded Digital Media and Info centuary in times of Covid19 and political issues, its good to speak out clearly your ideas -when it come to the right topics. This is a shout out to some points in our society. Also if you, or you know somebody with mental health issues, please help! You are not alone! - Janine (Ayu) -