BADLAMB - Frightful Waves [EP]

Photo by BADLAMB - Unpaid Advertisment
Photo by BADLAMB - Unpaid Advertisment

1 DAY - 1 BAND

HEY! :) Lets continue and introduce the Seoul, South Korea based Alternative Rock band,

Before BADLAMP started their project, the members Stanley (Vocal), TD (Drums) and Soyean (Bass) started 2014 as a group named "Narang". After an guitar member change in 2018, Jihyo joined the others and BADLAMP was born.

Photos by BADLAMB

Influenced by 90s Grunge/ Alternative Rock music, the four-member band released theire first Single "The Plague" in 2018 and continied with "Gula"(2019) and "Sodom" (2020) the trilogy concept. With "Frightful Waves", BADLAMB published the newest record on 6th November 2020 and selftitled first EP.

The title of the album, "Frightful Waves," is the English title of the title song "Scare," which highlights the regrets

of a weak individual

who has not resisted the flow

of such a huge wave that cannot be resisted.

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