2 YEARS of DW - Read the story behind everything

Exactly 2 years ago, I wrote about the first band "again" at this blog. Since this time, many things happened. But let me tell you the story from the beginning!

Where everything started

Around the end of the 90s/ begin of the 00s, a mass of Japanese Animes aired on TV here in Germany. As many of you, I also got an interest in those shows. With the beginning of YouTube and MySpace, thankfully, the internet made it already possible around 2005 to listen international music this time. With this background, it was just a matter of time finding the first Japanese Rock bands online. This also brought me in 2006 to the first concert in Cologne. During the next years, the weekends were filled with visiting Japanese Rock & Metal concerts, who were very popular in this time in Europe. Especially Visual Kei. Year after year, YouTube made it possible to also discover music such as Korean, Taiwanese and Thai artists.

2010, and suddenly blogspot appeared! It was the start of reporting about events and concerts, the first era of blogging. At this time, I had already the website name "Discomfort Wings"(Song lyric part of my first concert's band). After 2-3 years, the focus changed for personal reasons, but music was always present. After visiting Tokyo/ Japan alone in 2014, I booked a flight for April 2019 to Seoul/ South Korea...

Re create

Yes! After Japan, there was the aim to also visit the other countries, who have been fascinating me for the last years. Sadly, because of the situation now, it wasn't yet possible... Anyways! Without any thoughts, besides the typical sightseeing and knowledge from K-Dramas and some online contacts, there wasn't any expectations YET. By google around,  there suddenly appeared some Rock & Metal clubs! By entering, it was quite an experience by not knowing much about the language of course. But it was possible. Thanks to all, who spoke such a good English!


During the 10 days vocation, it was a cool experience to discover so many cool underground bands at this place! It was also fascinating, the kindness of these people and how we had some good talks. After seeing and listen to all these influences of this urban city, it was the start and motivation of re-creating the blog again :) At first at blogspot, later here on the page you see today, this vocation got me so much good energy and vibes til today, that I directly visited the country again in October/ November 2019! ^^ During this time, there was again a concert of the Korean band Lustrouble! :)

Finding you bands - team network :)

Over the next months of end 2019/ 2020, the network grown up international to all parts of the world. From South Korea, Japan or Taiwan, to Russia, Australia, European countries, such as North/ Central/South America and South Africa!


I want to thank you all so far, who have joined this journey here, especially those who knows the site from the start in 2010 or from the old era :) ! Everything you see is definitely NOT professional, but with heart. Step by step, DW grows with your bands and people out from everywhere, and everyone was an inspiration in good and bad ways, to be a bit better every day. To discover and communicate with different ways of thinking, and not to be "known" was always the aim. It doesn't matter, if you have your Social followers,  when you don't stand for your own view.

Let's see, how this journey will continue! Thank you for all support, people and experiences I could meet and discover this way. Keep on rockin! :)


💮 Janine

Please check out the first Blog Post :)