Tamala Park Book Club - Cut My Teeth
FEAT. · 12. August 2022
AUSTRALIA +++ G'day - from the West side of Australia! Let's heading to Perth and discover Tamala Park Book Club - an Australian Visual Rock band!
Bloody Tyrant - Interview
LIVE · 12. August 2022
GERMANY/ TAIWAN+++ During the current tour of Taiwanese band Bloody Tyrant, it was possible to connect the group with the German-Taiwanese Association.

TRASH - Tunes from Taiwan
FEAT. · 08. August 2022
TAIWAN+++ It's been almost a year, since the last feature about band TRASH was released. With their latest album Holy Trip!, let's check them out!
#16 Discomfort Wings Radio - Global Mixcloud Charts
RADIO · 30. July 2022
We made it global (again)!

#16 Discomfort Wings Radio - Wishlist by you
RADIO · 24. July 2022
AFTER POST +++ Discomfort Wings Radio I Wishlist by you @ Radio 674.FM. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Read more...
FEAT. · 08. July 2022
ITALY+++ With RONIN, Milan based band As Hikari released there newest headbanger song.

FEAT. · 19. June 2022
USA+++ The vision of starting music as brothers in 2017 was, to express hope out from melodies. Surrounded by every day’s influences, Tanner and Peyton Whitt followed the idea to arise from human's negativity and bringing up good vibes through their lyrics. With ALWAYS STAY GOLD, the duo presents there first album.
Bloody Tyrant 暴君 - Europe Tour 2022
LIVE · 17. June 2022
GERMANY/ TAIWAN +++ It's finally festival season, giving us a bit of normality in our otherwise loud everyday life. What would be better suited here than to revisit concerts and events? That's what the Taiwanese folk/ black metal band Bloody Tyrant thought too, who will start their almost one-month EU tour next week!

Sun Traitors - Crossroads
FEAT. · 17. June 2022
AUSTRALIA+++ Hello again from another part of the world - Australia! Let’s check out band Sun Traitors newest record!
Global Mixcloud Charts
RADIO · 17. June 2022
We made it global!

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