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A part of Thailands rock music history

If you are familiar with this site, you noticed the amount of different artists that were featured the last years. Today, I want to introduce you a band I started listening about 10 years ago and a part of Thailand's rock music history.

Sweet Mullet

Sweet Mullet is a Thai Rock/ Metal band, which was founded in 2003 under Bangkok's music underground scene. With their self wrote and produced debut EP Panaphobia, Sweet Mullet played directly sold out shows.

In 2004, they send their record to a producer of Thailand's well known record label for heavy music, Genie Records and get signed. After they were part of the label, Genie Records done an album production as Showroom Vol.1 with their newest artists. Sweet Mullet joined it with the song "Answer” and rise to number 1 on the charts. The 10 songs from this mixture album aired on various radio waves and made the band soon more known. That’s how they started their 20 years music career.


In 2007, the band released their full album "Light Heavyweight" by being a guest at the Retrospect concert called Retrospect The First Concert, which can be seen as their partner band. In the same year, Sweet Mullet played as opener for the known Thai Rock band Bodyslam.

Sound of Silence

In 2010, Sweet Mullet released their second full album "Sound Of Silence", a milestone in the band's history with hit songs like "Missing Heart," "Acute Heart Failure" and "Knife Edge ". They were also the support act for Saosin during that time in Bangkok.


As well in the same year, the five members performed at the O2 One indoor stadium, Hua Mark in front of almost 15,000 people. In the following years, the members developed their sound and created themselves always new with fresh sounds as well performed at the biggest festivals in Thailand.

G19, Rajamangala Stadium Bangkok - 49.700

Genie Records - GFest

Genie Records (Thai: จีนี่ เรคคอร์ด) (stylized as genie records) is a Thai record label and a subsidiary of GMM Grammy, that focuses on rock music since 1998. The label's acts are the leading bands in the rock, pop and metal genres in their country. In 2014, the label held their first major concert "Genie Fest G16" in 2014, celebrating Genie Records' 16th founding anniversary with their signed artists.


Since then, the record label creates it own event as you can see Sweet Mullet as opener.


Panaphobia (2003, EP)

Light Heavyweight

(2007, Album)

Sound of Silence (2010, Album)

ขอโทษในสิ่งที่เธอไม่รู้ (2011, Single)

จะเป็นจะตาย(2013, Single)

Jeb Took Lom Hai Jai (2013, Single)

Never Give Up (2014, Single)

Ni Taan Lauk Dek (2016, Single)

I (2016, Single)

RTSM Light Mode (2017, Album)

Sa Pah Wa Hua Jai Lom Leeow Chiep Plun (2017, Single)

Plung Sang Ah Tit (2017, Single)

Yah Pood Loei (Dee Kwa) 

(2019, Single)

Chee Vit Lung Aoei Khum Lar (2019, Single)

Oral (2020, Single)

Cheua Reu Mai" (2021, Single)

Something's Missing (2023, Single)



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