Maldurin - Instrumental Medieval Metal from Germany


HEY! :) Lets continue and introduce the Essen, Germany based Solo Guitarist

Leonard Kemenani, born in Iserlohn, has been a passionate enthusiast for fantasy, rock music and video games since a young age. With his newest solo project "Maldurin", he presents us instrumental Heavy Metal tunes!

Free from compromise, Maldurin combines his different interests and inspirations in his instrumental epic. His songs, which range from Epic to Doom Metal,

tell the story of a self-imagined fantasy universe about two hostile kingdoms and the ever-increasing conflict over progress and tradition, faith and science, security and freedom. , with his journey and talks openly about everyday hurdles and problems like self-doubt.

With his young project, Maldurin already got much positive feedback and support, also is very active on the Social Media plattform Youtube! :) Its also to say that he releases every month a new song! Stay tuned!


 17th July - "Call to Arms" Single

6th August - "Moonchild" Single

16th August - "Mead, Gold and Blood" - Tribute [Youtube only]


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