Calf - New old generation of Rock

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Photo by Band Calf I Unpaid Advertisement


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HEY! :) Lets continue and introduce the Seoul, South Korea based Rock trio

Throwback November 2019, when I had the possibility

to visit Band Calf´s concert in Korea.

The young band under Su Whan Kim (Vocal), Sung Il Jang (Guitar) and Kyoung Suk Min (Drums) created the project Calf in May 2018. Starting with a four-member formation, they are currently a trio who´s mixing Modern Rock including old school tunes. Over the last 2 years they already collected an amount of concert live gigs expierence. Dreamy thoughtful melodies and melancolic guitar riffs would describes Band Calf´s stil the best way.

With their harmonic songs Calf

"wants to express deep feelings" and

"no restrictions on music Genre".

Different as other music groups, the band have not produced any Audio.You can find 3 of there songs at SoundCloud. They inspire the audiences with their live performances.

Photos by Band Calf

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Please discover

Band Calf´s music! :)

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