"Leave Me" - EmoRap by HERUIN

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Photo by HERUIN - Unpaid Advertisement


Hey! :) Let´s continue and discover the german EmoRap/ Post-Hardcore Crossover band

Based in Munich, the quartet Aaron (Drums), Darius (Vocal), Ignaz (Guitar) and Jonas (Bass) are parted in Munich-Berlin-Augsburg. With their authentic influence of Metal(core) and Rap, HERUIN brings´us back with  their newest Release to the good old EmoRap/ Crossover sound and reached out already a grounded audience of gigs.

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The debut releases Addict (2018) and Haunted (2018) already attracted attention to the national and international music press. HERUIN were also able to join bands like CRYSTAL LAKE as EU Tour Support ! On 16th October 2020, the band presented the newest record "Leave Me" and show us a new mixing Rap/ Metal  creation of their musical ability.

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Audio/ media rights by HERUIN

Stay tuned to upcoming Releases and please discover HERUIN´s music! :)

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