Decline the Fall - Metalcore from Malta

Photo by Decline the Fall - Unpaid Advertisment
Photo by Decline the Fall - Unpaid Advertisment

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Hey! :) Lets continue and introduce the Malta based Metalcore band

Active since 2015, Vocal John "Castiel", Bassist Fabio, Drummer Ehren and  Guitarists Matthew and and Kris build up the current Line up of the band Decline the Fall, who describes their project as

" Outcasts from their own imagination.
The search for a place where they belong is what gives them their vision, strength and courage to pursue their dream.
Decline the Fall is a representation of 5 musicians who have merged their different influences into a unique style. "

The debut album "Our Own Demise", released in September 2020 and originated in this year, reflects our current environmental situation on the planet. With Nemesis, Think Twice and Our Own Demise, their are actually three Music videos already released.

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