#5 Discomfort Wings Radio - Anime and Gaming Soundtracks



Thank you to all, who have listened to the broadcast! In keeping with August and the start of the first conventions this year, today's show was dedicated to Anime & Gaming Soundtracks. There were Marius from 674.FM and two of my closest friends, who presented their favorite songs here!

During and between the show, we had a lot of fun, talking about different backgrounds in Anime and Gaming. These moments took us back to childhood memories and difficult end boss parts from different Games. It was quite interesting to disccover new aspects and the cool expierence, being my first guests of this show. Each of today's hosts introduced there favourites and connection of the introduced songs.


If you are curious, which songs we have played and what Games were introduced, please have a look for the Playlist and today's Audio Data via Mixcloud.

(German language)

Playlist: 18/08/2021
Playlist: 18/08/2021

Dominik, Marina, Janine (Me) & Marius

Hear you at next month's show again!

Next month - Asia Music!