OUTRO I End of 1DAY-1BAND in 2021


Hey! :) Let's end 1DAY1BAND in 2021!

OUTRO +++ So, this was the last round of 1DAY-1BAND in 2021! I hope this way, you could take a journey around the world, discovering different countries and new music for yourself during the actual time! :)

Thank you to all bands here, who joined this round this time! Since this is not an official site, I'm very thankful to each of you who supports me!
Here is an overview of all bands, who were featured the last 2 weeks :) Link to blogposts HERE

By clicking the band names, you will reach each band homepage/ site:

Future Radio, South Africa

Endtrocity, Taiwan

Dead Memory, Germany

Seiran, Japan/ Australia

Rags and Riches, USA

Trash, Taiwan

Deep as Ocean, Italy

River Stole Gods, Germany

Las Alas de Icaro, Argentinia

Trap, South Korea

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 All photos and texts are used in contact with the respresented artists.

Best regards, stay healthy and ROCK ON! :) 🤘🍀
💮 Janine I Ayu