Sun Traitors - Crossroads

Sounds from Down under

Hello again from another part of the world - Australia! Let’s check out band Sun Traitors newest record!

Back story

The Melbourne based Australia/ Venezuelan duo of Jim Charlemagne (Vocals/Guitars ) and Iggy Torres (Drums/Backing Vocals) combine with there tunes elements of rock, grunge, metal and prog. Establishing themselves with their debut release in 2018, Sun Traitors have been a mainstay in Melbourne's live music scene, whether it be on the stage or supporting the local rock community. For the latest release, the band again worked with David Warner & Brent Quirk of Headstone Records to produce
CROSSROADS from the home base of Headstone Records: One.Be Productions in Fawkner, Melbourne.

Many people have compared the group's sound to that of a hybrid born from the DNA of Foo Fighters, Clutch, AC/DC and Muse. With Crossroads, Sun Traitors are back with a new single, released on Friday, May 27th 2022. This song follow up to 2020’s EP Dark Matter as an further step in a harder hitting direction for the band of Kirk Hammett/Eddie Van Halen.

Whilst drawing inspiration from the past, Sun Traitors project a modern representation of alternative/hard rock through their energetic live shows and in their own words:

“There isn’t much that can match a live rock band with everything cranked and something to prove”
It’s pretty cool that there’s bands who still just want big rifs and killer solos."

Please check out there newest record!