Nuclear Idiots - Cult (Video Release)

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Nuclear Idiots are back! The South Korean mixture band released last week their 2nd video release from the latest album "NCLRIDTS". Based in Seoul, the members Hyunsuk (Vocal), Aquee (Guitar), Nakhyun (Bass), Junghun (F/X Digital effects) and Tako (Drums) brings us back to the roots of Nu Metal and Synth sound. Active since 2016, they played an amount of gigs around Seoul, including events like the Pulse Rock Festival, Metal United Korea and also the ANTI:KNOCK Festival in Tokyo-Shinjuku, Japan.



The newest record comes with 10 songs, which includes different featured artists such as cacophony, Jungwook, Kim Kyung Joon and Moon Juna.  Starting with the Intro Titan, the album continues directly with the bangers Cult, Damn and Flame. Geisha includes a classic from the band´s history. Pandora as squence changes the mood and gives you with The End a melodic rock song, while This War brings you back to the heavier sounds. 39 bring back the calmness. The end makes the song Tokyo with a new vibe of Nuclear Idiots!

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