Esprit D'Air releases 雫 ('Shizuku') in collaboration with Misstiq

Japanese metal solo project Esprit D'Air, led by award-winning producer and composer Kai, released their new single, 雫 (‘Shizuku’) on February 10th, 2023, featuring Australian producer Misstiq on synthesizers! About the track, Misstiq says:


"I've worked with many talented artists around the world, but Esprit D'Air... 

damnson. One of my absolute favourite collaborations!".


The new single is accompanied by an animated music video. The story-telling video features Kai as a modern nomad shinobi that roams a dystopian world overrun by mech drones, as well as a special appearance by Misstiq.


The new single 雫 (‘Shizuku’) is a re-recording of the first and only ‘J-Rock’ song on Harmonix’s Rock Band 3 for Xbox360 by Esprit D'Air. The original track returned to Rock Band earlier this year as a playable song on January 5th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on Harmonix’s latest game Rock Band 4.


Esprit D'Air is headlining the UK & EU between February and April, with Diamond Black (fronted by Ben Christo from The Sisters of Mercy) on support. 

As featured on Loudwire, BBC Radio 1, Kerrang! Radio, and Billboard, Esprit D'Air released their 2nd album Oceans in 2022, which entered six Official UK Charts, including #8 in the Top 40 Rock & Metal Albums, and #5 in Top 20 Independent Albums Breakers. The new album featured members of both The Sisters of Mercy, and Crystal Lake, as well as remixes by HEAVYGRINDER and Shirobon. Kai is not seeking a major record label but instead, follows a strong DIY ethos and produces everything himself to be as self-sufficient as possible. Consequently, Kai records and produces his own releases in his own home recording studio. You can purchase the upcoming single 雫 (‘Shizuku’) on iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify here. The original 'Shizuku' is available to play on Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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