Antivalent release new single “Godlike Sinner”

Finnish alternative rock act ANTIVALENT has released a new track “Godlike Sinner” only a few months after the highly anticipated debut album “Lifelong”. “Godlike Sinner” is a kind of "hate song" dedicated to all the hypocrites and manipulative narcissists who live in their twisted dreamland exploiting others. In the beginning of the year 2020 the band started ambitiously working on their debut album. The group describes the upcoming material as a junction of modern alternative rock and colorful post-punk. Featuring a couple of songs produced by a Finnish multitalent Jussi Ylikoski (Moon Shot, Disco Ensemble) the album's wholeness is on a new level.


The first release from the album, “Heavy”, saw daylight on November 25th by KaaosZine’s music video premiere. The second single 'Raven', released on January 25th, took a step even further and got featured on Finnish radio station YleX’s program ‘Uuden Musiikin X’ as the new upcoming group. The song also got a great amount of attention nationwide through numerous radio plays on multiple radio stations. 'Full Repair' represents more of a simpler still energetic sound of pop rock with a touch of modern musical elements. The song got its premiere on YleX's 'Anne Lainto <3 Rock'. Antivalent’s debut album "Lifelong" was released via Rockhopper Music in October 2022.