PSYCHO SKULL releases electrifying new single “LOSING CONTROL”

Let's take a listen to Psycho Skull in Cantonese language! The Heavy Rock/ Metal band from Hong Kong was founded by the five members KEI (Vocal), HODE (Guitar), WATER (Guitar), GJ (Bass) and VINE (Drum). Since 2015, the band released 8 Singles and the EP album Sin City. Psycho Skull are also categorized to the Genre Visual Kei, an clothing style based in Japans 80s til today. Around 2005 it started as well as subculture of Japanese Rock Music in Western countries.


The independent group released 2016 the first two music videos and singles "WILDFIRE", 'ESCAPE' and "Pulse" in 2017. With the self-titled song, “PSYCHO SKULL” has developed theire own style. In 2018, the band boarded the first international stage in Okinawa, Japan. The first album, "SIN CITY", was released in 2018. In the same year PSYCHO SKULL" played for the opening Act of Japan Rock Summit Live in Hong Kong. In November 2018, the 'SIN CITY TAIWAN TOUR' started, followed by a tour to various Asian countries. In 2020 the ban released the music video "ROMANCE".



The latest video release (12th May 2023) supports the single, who was shot at the remote location Mount Davis - Hong Kong's westernmost hill of Hong Kong Island and an important location in World War II. This song reflects the soul of the band's feelings about what happened in this world the past 3 years. From its quietly lush, heartrendingly melodic guitar intro to its steadily building mid-section, the lyrics came straight to the terrifying point:


'Why? City is dying in my eyes 
 Darkness surrounds my soul
 No one to hold 'LOSING CONTROL'



Kei (主音, Vo )

GJ (貝司, Ba)

Vine (鼓手, Dr)

Hode (結他, Gt) 

Water (結他,Gt)








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