Undesire - Visual Kei from Chile!

Around 2005, when Visual Kei and J-Rock become an famous subculture around the globe, many bands from Japan have toured to western countries during that time. With their music they inspired many western fans to create their own vision of J-Rock-inspired music. With Undesire, let´s discover an Visual Kei inspired band from Chile!

J-Rock, as we call it as an own Genre, has their start of music history in the 80s, inspired by western Heavy Metal bands. Visual Kei became the clothing style, insprired by rock, punk and gothic.


Undesire was formed in 2015 by Eligos (drums) as J-Rock/ Visual Kei project. In the following years, the other members Sora (guitar), Dante (vocal), Atma (guitar) and Azazel (bass) found each other by their interests and joined the band.

The group released a variety of songs, which embrace multiple music genres such as rock, metal, synth, djent and goth. With theatrical and visual elements, Undesire stand out in the chilean musical scene and hand to hand with their visual style, the band has grown on a national level.

Inspired by their favourite artists in youth, the band combines a various fan base of Anime, Gaming and fareast interested people. In Chile, they have played an amount of concerts as well played these days on local conventions. They recently released their newest record ENDLESS. Let´s see, what they bring up next!





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