Kitsune Metaru - Heavy sounds from Santiago de Chile!

© Photo: Kitsune Materu

Let's introduce another J-Rock inspired band from Chile - Kitsune Metaru! "J-Rock" (Japanese Rock music), as we call it as an own Genre, has their start of music history in the 80s, inspired by western Heavy Metal bands. Visual Kei became the clothing style, insprired by rock, punk and gothic.


After J-Rock get to known more around 2000s around the globe as subculture, even today after 20 years bands outside from Japan continue spreading these vibes.


Kitsune Metaru

Kitsune Metaru name themselves as Metal band with Japanese influences born in 2015. Heading from Santiago de Chile, the five members Inger (Vocals), Ismael (Guitar), Rodrigo (Guitar), Marco (Bass) and Valentino (Drums) visited an amount of local events such as Anime Conventions. Kitsune Metaru have produced 2 studio albums, 2 EPs and 8 Singles. Throughout their career, they have performed on stages such as Teatro Caupolican, The Cupula del Parque Ohiggins and more. As well, they shared stages with different artists such as Do as Infinity (Japan), Nobuo Yamada (Japan) or Cesar Franco (Mexico).

5 questions to the band

Question 1: Would you like to introduce yourself and your sound in some words?

We are a metal band with Japanese influence from Chile. We cover various styles within metal, adding the pop essence of Japan. We are characterized by the energy and production of our shows.

Question 2: Which influences inspires you, to create Kitsune Metaru´s sound?

With Ismael we were trapped with the sound of Babymetal, and that was when we decided to delve into Kawaii Metal, which was the style with which the band started, then we added more of our influences until we reached the current sound of Kitsune Metaru.

Question 3: Kitsune Metaru is Japanese and means "Metal Fox". What is the meaning behind it?

We return to Babymetal hahaha Metaru is how Metal is pronounced in Japanese, which is associated with our style and Kitsune we relate to the lore of Babymetal and Fox God, that is how the name of the band was born.

Question 4: What are your upcoming plans for the band?

A few days ago we were celebrating the band's 8th anniversary, a long-lasting show with more than ten guests on stage, it was a long job since the middle of this year, now we will take a short break to plan our year 2024, in which We will prepare some concerts during the first semester and we hope to have new music for the second semester.

Question5: Some words for your fans and new listeners:

We are very grateful for the fans who have been with us from the beginning as well as those who have joined, you can listen to our music on all digital platforms, follow us on Instagram and YouTube as Kitsune Metaru, and wait for news from us, we love you!

Thank you for the short interview to Kitsune Metaru and this feature on this blog!

© Photo: Kitsune Materu