Rolling Quartz Europe Tour 2024 - live in cologne!

The five members of Korean Rock band Rolling Quartz just currently ended their first Europe Tour. Let´s have a throw back to the concert in cologne on 30th January 2024. But first of all, lets check out who they are!


Back story - Rolling Quartz

"Rolling Quartz" was formed of the two already existing groups "Rolling Girlz" and "Rose Quartz". In their first year, the five-piece group Rolling Quartz mainly performed in clubs, especially in the trendy Hongdae district of Seoul. In June 2020, the group was featured on the single "Random" by producer duo 015B.


Under RollingStar

The group made their official debut on December 30, 2020 with the single "Blaze", for which a music video was also released under the production of Zanybros. Rolling Quartz is the house band of the Seoul based event location Rollinghall. During the pandemic, the event location had done daily concert livestreams with various artists as well RQ under "RollingStarTV".

In August 2020, Rolling Quartz performed a rock version of her single "Xtra" on MTV Asia together with American pop singer AleXa. In January 2021, the 2nd single "Blaze" was also released as a single album, followed with the first music show appearance at M Countdown in February. In February 2022, Rolling Quartz released their first EP Fighting!. The EP made it into the top 5 of the US rock album charts on iTunes, something no Korean indie band had ever done before.

  • Ranking 23rd on the worldwide iTunes album chart
  • 5th on the U.S. Rock Album chart
  • 30th on the European iTunes album chart
  • 47th and 43rd on the iTunes charts in the UK and Germany, respectively.

They completed their first U.S. tour in March 2023 currently ended their highly anticipated first European tour.

Welcome to Germany!

It was 5.30 p.m., almost 2 hours before the show, when an organized queue of fans took place on the first of two shows in Germany. Real fans stayed already hours at the venue to get a good entry place. Cologne was the first visit for the band. Almost 6.30 p.m., the early entry for the exciting awaited premium members started. After the short ticket control, Rolling Quartz appeared inside the hall for the first time on stage. The selected amount of people gave RQ a warm welcome, when the group started their sound check. After 3 songs, the visitors of all ticket categorizes entered the building and almost 600 people filled the hall.


The group started the show at 7.30. p.m. with a cover of cologne based band Hoehner. During the current local carnival session, it directly caught the atmosphere as well with the refrain tunes of Seven Nation Army.

Rolling Quartz started their set list and played this evening their current songs, such as Fearless, Blaze, Azalea, Delight and more. The energized atmosphere was noticeable in all parts of the hall. RQ created a great vibe with cover songs of Blackpink/ BTS Mashup, Maneskin and such classical songs of Paramore and Nirvana. Around 8.50 p.m. as the schedule organized it, the concert ended with a grateful band and thankful fans. You were able to buy the current merch of the band and signed album. The normal categories had to left the hallwent, while the premium visitors stayed for the Hi Five/ Hi Touch.

It was an amazing evening and for the first time ever, a Korean Rock band based from the Seoul Indie Scene entered the European area. Thank you for the great memories you gave today so many fans and your warm-hearted words to the people. The event was organized by 4BB, an independent South Korean artists & label owner based in Poland, which organized an amount of events in the scene.











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