Squidge - TRUCK [EP Release]

Photo: Squidge

Alternative band Squidge are back with a new track! The group from Bath (England) have been together since 2015 and developed their sound from a variety of Emo, Grunge, and Post-Hardcore. Looking back to 2020, I introduced the four members for the first time here at this blog. In all songs, I think you can hear their typical sound signature of grunge and rock elements. That can be clearly heard in their newest record.

TRUCK can be described as an "abrasive sucker punch of frustration - from feeling the need to rise out of a slump imposed by adult life". With a 2000s Alternative sounds feeling, the group represents their unique tunes. The record is not afraid to slam the band’s apathy and vexation on the table for all to see, and is certainly one of SQUIDGE’s most hard hitting tracks to date. A must-listen title for all Alternative fans!