Chill-Bojang - New sounds of Alternative Rock

Sounds from Seoul


Days ago, I went again to Seoul, South Korea. It felt quite emotional, since the blog Discomfort Wings had a restart in 2019 during the journey 5 years ago. With Chill-Bojang, let’s discover some new cool tunes from this city!


Back story

The three members of Chill-Bojang formed the rock band during there study at university. After some progress, they made there debut in 2020 with the first single release "Nameless Faces". Chill-Bojang describes themselves as an Alternative rock band, that faced challenging times with the roar of anger, mockery and cynicism.

Growing up in the deep roots of Grunge, Hard Rock and Progressive Rock, they're ready to capture your heart with a cool sound and a heavy rhythm. During their live videos, you can see the perfect mix in different grooving tunes. Chill-Bojang released since there debut 3 Singles, as well their former sound EP "Carl-Sagan".


In 2022, the group was named under the top 5 Rookie bands of the year by South Korean music critics.

Chill-Bojang presents their unique and intense musical colors through the harmony of different genres. Their music makes listeners think twice about the contradictions and absurdities of the present era. The three members impress in their songs own stories and emotions. Through Chill-Bojang's passion and music with its message, you will be able to get angry, ask back, and enlighten together.


Are you ready for 

change through 

Chill-Bojang's music?



22.08.2022 - Carl-Sagan [EP]

18.05.2022 - Voodoo [Single]

23.04.2021 - Revenge [Single]

15.12.2020 - Nameless Faces [Single]