Life is limbo. Sometimes you can’t do the things you want, you may experience imposter syndrome, the closest people around you might drift away, or you might never get the chance to tell someone how you really feel about them. All in all, I guess that’s just Tough Luck. Squidge’s second studio EP, TOUGH LUCK, was released on April 26th and is a testimony to how far the band has progressed since their first EP. SQUIDGE, like everyone, have spent their 20s trying to figure out what the hell is going on, attempting to navigate this messed up theme park called adulthood. Growing up you think it’ll all be easy. It’s not.


Back story

The four piece band from Bath (England) have been together since 2015 and developed their sound from a variety of Emo, Grunge, and Post-Hardcore. In 2020 I introduced them for the first time at this blog. TOUGH LUCK is an hommage to the 2000s Alternative sounds. Lyrical themes of aimlessness and frustration decribes the best the catchy and melancholic record, a timeless shout out, when PunkRock and Post-Hardcore become an first attention through media - an must listen for all Alternative fans!

Devoted performers, Squidge have a countless number of shows under their belt and are renowned for their engagement with the local scene in the South West of England. Crowd-surfs, mosh-pits, full-room singalongs and an arena-like mentality are common themes for any Squidge gig. The band have shared stages across the country with a range of fellow alternative heavyweights including Sick Joy, Muskets, Jaws The Shark, and Really Big, Really Clever as well as tearing up the sold out Outsiderfest at the legendary Joiners in Southampton.


EP number 2, Tough Luck, is a statement about where Squidge have come from and where they are heading. Life can be unclear and your 20's can seem like a pointless period of limbo and Squidge are just trying to get by.