Future Radio - I’ll Be Okay [Single Release]

South African band 

Future Radio

are back with a new track


Future Radio, a dynamic Pretoria-based band from South Africa, defies musical boundaries by seamlessly blending Rock, Pop-punk, Punk, Riff Rock, and Pop Rock into their unique sound – aptly coined Future Rock. Their discography includes two albums, "Freedom" (2021) and "Identity" (2023), with another EP scheduled for release in 2024.


Back story

Since 2020, the South Africa based duo of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, Johnny Future and guitarist and visual artist, Drikus Roets created an amount of releases and a quite interesting concept. By mixing elements of alternative/ riff and punk rock, – the bands names their fusion itself as what they like future rock. Uncommon to other rock acts, this forward-thinking band places strong emphasis on visual storytelling. Each song releases as an “episode”, complete with visuals and narratives, which forms part of a season. In 2023, Future Radio's singles earned spots on official Spotify and Apple Music playlists, while their video for "Whatever I Want To" made waves at the COBRA awards finals. Their track "Rise" reached #1 on Music Mafia Radio, and "Something To Believe In" accumulated an impressive 37K Spotify streams.

Whether onstage or online, with boasting a genuine bond to there fans, Future Radio leaves a lasting impression. Looking ahead to 2024, the band is gearing up for the release of four new singles and an increased number of performances, solidifying their impact on the rock scene. Future Radio invites you to witness the evolution of rock as they pave the way for the future.


I’ll Be Okay

Future Radio joins forces with acclaimed singer-songwriter Christiaan Baartman to unveil their latest single, "I'll Be Okay". This dynamic collaboration blends captivating rock melodies with sonourous vocals, which transports a moment of resilience and optimism.


Reflecting on the collaboration, Future Radio's frontman and songwriter, Johnny, remarks, "Working with Christiaan felt like a natural fit. We've collaborated on many projects before, and when I began crafting I'll Be Okay, I knew his vocals would take the track to another level. The chemistry between us was evident right from the start."


With over 18 years of experience in the music industry, Christiaan Baartman is celebrated as one of South Africa's top artists, renowned for his powerful voice and musical talent. His innovative efforts during the pandemic, including pioneering live online shows and releasing various hit Afrikaans singles, have earned him acclaim and a devoted fan base.


Alongside the single release, fans can anticipate a lyric video, a music video, as well as live and acoustic versions, ensuring the song receives maximum exposure to a wide audience.