Uuhai - Traditional Sounds from Mongolia [EUROPE TOUR]

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Over the last almost 5 years, you discovered on this blog different heavy tunes from Western countries and the Far East, such as South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan or Philippines. Today, lets take the focus to a complete new sound and country - Mongolia!


Traditional instruments meets modern sounds

In the last couple of years, the music scene becomes more open-minded. Especially when it comes into mixing new kind of sounds and Genres. Already, the name of the following band itself is so powerful. Uuhai can be described as the English "hoo-rah", a shout in unison raised up to the blue sky, sun, moon, stars, earth, mountains, and waters by heroic men in ancient times. It stands as a spiritual mantra of a goodwill sign, leading to good fortune and was used as a way of releasing energy, emboldening one’s spirits and stimulating the elements.


Back story

The process of creating the band took almost 4 years as result for today's sound and formation. In 2016, there was the idea to bring Mongolian rock music to the world’s stage, imbued with the cultural heritage and national artistry of the Mongolian nation. They started to began their research and development for the musical elements of a heavier sound. The following years, the members worked on their musical sound creation of traditional and heavy modern sound mix in arrangements and melodies with Mongolia’s cultural heritage. For their traditional modern mix, they created as well their stage costumes on their own. Uuhai explains, that Mongolians have been identified by their own clothes, sewn and adorned in their unique national style. The Hunnu nation has become the inspiration for the concept image.

By creating and finding the matching members, they started in 2019 an Audition. In 2020, Uuhai was established by Otgonbaatar Damba, drummer of the band “Hurd” and a Mongolian National Cultural Award honoree. On the final result, the group was formed as 8 member group under



Otgonbaatar Damba - Melodist, bandleader, producer,
Shinetsog-Geni Dorjnyam - Horsehead fiddle player, throat singer,
Zorigoo Battsooj - Horsehead fiddle player, throat singer,
Saruul Tsogt-Erdene - Vocalist,
Batbayar Dulamsuren - Percussionist,
Dalaitseren Nasanbuyan - Solo guitarist,
Anand Naranbaatar - Bass guitarist and
Bayanmunkh Gunbayar - Drummer.



Established by Otgonbaatar Damba, he wrote all following songs in the last years and combined Mongolian national folk music with modern rock to create the band's unique sound. Continuously since 1993, he has composed artistic works in the metal rock genre for 30 years - a talented, youthful producer, musician, and composer, which has created over 50 songs in the Genre Rock.


Their latest single release "Beginning" just came out on 27th April 2024. If you are interest now in Uuhai´s music, please check out their Europe Tour dates!


Beginning (Single, 2024)

Khar Khulz (Single, 2024)

DRACULA (Single, 2023)

Khurai (Single, 2023)

Secret history of the Mongols (Single, 2022)

Uuhai (Single, 2022)

Khun Sureg (Single, 2021)

Ser ser (Single, 2021)


-Concerts Germany-

20.06.2024 - Munich, 

Backstage Halle*

21.06.2024 - Berlin, Hole44*

22.06.2023 - Cologne, Luxor*


*Die Tickets für die deutschen Konzerte sind auf dem nachfolgenden Link erhältlich:








© Uuhai