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Connecting different Genres and cultures - that's since August 2019 the idea behind Discomfort Wings, a FREE SUPPORT BLOG for different communities of Rock & Metal around the world, including local German bands near cologne :) This platform here shares the DW band network, a mix of Asian and Western music.

Discomfort Wings means, that music can 'heal wounds'. Tunes and texts have the magical ability, to get you through difficult times and concerts can connect unknown people into friends. Good vibes! 💮✨

ABOUT ME - Ayu 💮 Janine


Hey! :) Nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting this site here! Let me introduce a bit. :) Growing up with Anime and Japanese Soundtracks in childhood — the music taste expanded over the years with different Far East Records and Genres. Til today, these countries fascinating me in music, culture and travel. This place here reflects different interests as 'learning-by-doing' :)

Every friday, you can check out the newest records from the blog related band network on Spotify and Youtube. Get a listen! :)

Mainly, the songs belongs to various ROCK & METAL Genres here. You can discover bands from all continents :) - such as Europe, Asia, North/ Central/ South America, Australia and (South) Africa! 

Since 04/2021, the blog is part of 674.FM, an online radio station based in cologne, Germany. Once in a month, you will hear DW live from the studio!

23rd February 2022 - European bands

(Language: German/ English mixed)

02/2022 - European bands

03/2022 - American bands

674FM – One City under a Groove

Since 2012, the free online station represents various sounds such as Dubstep, Experimental, Rap, Soul, Punk and Jazz. You can also discover tunes from the local club & bar scene.

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