Heruin - BAD (Single)

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*Unpaid Advertisement © Heruin

New year, new tunes from Heruin! Based in Munich, Hamburg and Berlin, the quartet Aaron (Drums), Darius (Vocal), Ignaz (Guitar) and Jonas (Bass) came to prove "that there's more to expect from these cities than techno clubs and German folklore". HERUIN plays heavy music with influences from Emo-Rap and Hip-Hop, which would be best described as Nu-Metalcore.

With their typical crossover sounds, HERUIN reached years of experience in heavy music, producing & touring. Looking back to the beginning of 2018, their self-produced debut EP »ADDICT« quickly caught the attention of the press, which get them the supporting act for bands such as ALL THAT REMAINS, CRYSTAL LAKE & more. Followed by two EU tours and amount of shows in Germany, HERUIN filled their timeline in the end of 2020 by releasing their most successful single "LEAVE ME". Directly moving forward, the new year starts with the newest record, BAD (Release: 27th January 2023). Including their latest releases of 2022, "Shame" and "Fear Club" the Single gives a taste for an upcoming album/ EP.



25.02.2023 - Backstage - Munich

23.03.2023 - Rock at Sage - Berlin

24.03.2023 - Mammut Festival 2023 - Königsbrunn

19.05.2023 - TBD



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