Tamala Park Book Club - Cut My Teeth

AUSTRALIA +++ G'day - from the West side of Australia! Let's heading to Perth and discover Tamala Park Book Club - an Australian Visual Rock band! TPBC's name stands for Tamala Park - an rubbish dump near the hometown place and a book club, because they liked how the words are flowing.


With the common interest of Japanese Rock and Visual Kei, bassist Craig and vocalist/ guitarist Patrick based the group in the beginning of 2018. When Marcel (Drums) and Daniel (Guitar) joined, TPBC started playing the first rehearsals.

Cut My Teeth

Wow! That song comes with a pretty cool Punkpop/ Rock vibe here! Really also like the kind of Rock n Roll tunes. Vocals/ beat and the uptempo parts made the song going with the flow. Some kind of rebellious break parts, underlined by drums and guitar on point.

Q: What was the concept of the song and the expression behind it?

The song is about overcoming people who have wronged you in the past. How toxic people treat you badly, but you rise above it. And eventually their past catches up with them and you surpass them. Whether it be karma or the universe, they got what they had coming to them and you don't feel sorry for them. You've grown stringer and wiser as a person and learnt how to deal with people like that. You cut your teeth on them. 

Cut you teeth is an old expression, I don't know if it's used so much anymore. It means to get experience from something. 

The song is punchy and in-your-face. It demands to be heard. The strong rhythm of the verse riff with the drum pattern, combined with the vocal refrain propel the listener to the harmony vocal hooks of the chorus, as they lift up and step back down. We hope the audience enjoys it as much as we enjoy playing it."


Release: 5th August 2022
Release: 5th August 2022

Back story - connection

Tamala Park Book Club are not complete new to this site! Actually, the band was the 2nd feature ever I released here! During the time of the old J-Rock days, we stay connected in the old network of the past. :)