Euan Lin - Feelings [Single Release]

Trash guitarist Euan Lin surprises with his first EP

If you are familiar with this blog, you noticed the amount of features around 2021~2022 for Taiwanese Rock band Trash. Since 2009, the four members under Marz23 Lin Zhi-Rong (Vocal/ Guitar), Euan Lin (Lead Guitar), vul Kuei Gun (Drums) and Teng Wen Po (Bass) released an amount of succesfull records.


They released an amount of MV's, joined festivals and Award events, including tours in Asia. With their mixture sound of different Rock and Grunge vibes, related to melodic guitar riffs and visuals, they stand for a new generation of their country's music scene.


Solo projects

Euan Lin started his musical career succesfully as guitarist of band TRASH and vocalist of band 隱藏人物 (Who are you). Later mainly active as guitarist for TRASH, he founded 2017 DMT Sound Studio (Dream Make True), which included also a small podcast series.


In 2018, he was seen in the Taiwanese Music Drama "Black Dog". During this year, he released his first solo song in August 2023 for sports event Mother Marathon. The newest record shows the artist in a new and different view, as well a different Genre!


Standing at the crossroads of life, don't let all the whispers 

stop you from moving forward. You know:

“Everything’s gonna be alright”

"Feelings" eloquently expresses the summary of his past mental state, which has been tempered and transformed over time. He learned to find peace in the present. The lyrics frankly admit sadness about the past, but are also filled with confidence and hope for the future.


Through the changes in the arrangement, it also leads music fans to think about life, the past and the future, and how to face the challenges in life. The image of the song returns the identity of TRASH guitarist as the individual himself "Lin Yiyuan".


Get listen to it and make your own FEELINGS!Everything’s gonna be alright