#34 Discomfort Wings Radio - Asia/ Australia Music

Big thank you to the people in Seoul, South Korea for live listening~~~

New month, new show! This months broadcast was deticated to Asia/ Australia Music, featured different records of Rock, Pop and Metal. Thank you all for listening! The next topic will be European bands!


Playlist: 12/06/2024

Playlist: 12/06/2024


Back ground information:

1) Uuhai - Beginning 

(Europe Tour 06/2024, Mongolia)


2) KARDI - City of Wonder

(Discomfort Wings X Korean Culture Center Germany

K- Indie Festival Berlin & Hamburg, 27.06.-30.06.2024, South Korea)


Kardi - Blog Post


K-Indie FESTIVAL - Blog Post


3) Trash feat. Bi - I will survive (Taiwan), Back ground infos - 

Band Trash Blog Post


4) H.U.G. - HELIOS 

(ex. D'espairs Ray project, Japan)

5) Luv Parade - Into the flames

(ex. D'espairs Ray project, Japan)

6) The Getaway Plan - Dark Horses (Australia)

7) Dead Letter Circus - Change (Australia)


Throwback Seoul 04/2024  Concert 🇰🇷 Blog Post


8) Chill Bojang - Carl Sagan 

(South Korea)

9)KBK Uglys - Sweety you 

(South Korea)

9) Mono4oly - Hey J 

(South Korea)

10) Dog Last Page - Killing Machine (South Korea)

11) Wabi King - 1975, 기꽈

(South Korea)


12) Kamijo - Oscar 

(Europe Tour 06/2024, Japan)

by EnvolProd. Tour Link



Photo: © Korean Culture Center, Germany


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