FUMON feat. Marz23 [Single Release]


If you are familiar with this blog, you have for sure seen Taiwanese Rock band TRASH here. Vocalist Marz23 reveals now his newest record!


As Vocalist of band TRASH and his solo works, he is one of the top leading voices in Asia and presents various Genres such as Rap, Rock to Emo/Pop Punk and more.


Since his solo debut in 2017, Marz23 has been a massive influence in the music community with his distinctive “Emo” sensibilities, which has spread attention and sparked passionate discussions among music enthusiasts. As a leader for the younger generation, Marz23 has lent his voice to their struggles and pain as well stands against injustice.


Instant classics like "Fail With You," "Not a Rapper," and "Lonely Boy" have cemented Marz23's position as a favorite among Gen Z listeners. He also achieved the remarkable milestone of getting over 10 million views for three of his music videos on YouTube. Marz23’s high-energy and soulful stage performances have left a strong impression on all those who have joined his shows.

In 2020, he released his debut studio album, "23," followed by his second album "Not So Far Away" in April this year. Taking a view to his records, he collaborated with several international creators and artists, including Japanese rock legend Jesse McFaddin on the single “Break Me Down”, Grammy-nominated Canadian artist Jutes on the single “Waste My Time”, and Canadian punk and emo artist Smrtdeath on the single “Overrated” last year. Notably, Marz23 is also the lead vocalist of the rock band TRASH, who earned a nomination for Best Band at the "Golden Melody Awards," the most influential award in the Mando-Pop music scene. Currently he finished the first North America Tour and has won the Hito Pop Music Award.


His dual creative identity allows him to unleash an different kind of Genres and cultures, characterized by a rebellious spirit and empathetic approach. Marz23 combines Taiwanese mainstream pop music with fresh elements and diverse styles.